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The Team

Nikhil Joshi
Nikhil JoshiTechnology Architect
With a degree in Engineering from India and MSc in Web Technology from the UK, Nikhil has the right credentials to be the Technology Architect of this product. With teaching and administrative experience in Universities, he also possesses the subject matter expertise.
Abhilash Purohit
Abhilash PurohitBusiness Development
With more than a decade of experience in designing complex software, Abhilash can spot inefficiencies and suggest fixes in business processes. From first meeting until full implementation of educ8 ERP, Abhilash will help your University to embrace change with confidence.
Alan J Roddis
Alan J RoddisBusiness Development
Business consultant and continuous improvement practitioner who helps businesses implement change including marketing/brand development, ERP/CRM business system improvements, procedures and best practice engineering disciplines for sustainable operation.